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The Benefits of Switching to E-cigarettes


If you’re thinking about making the switch from regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, it’s important to do your research regarding the differences and benefits involved. For a run down on the reasons why many people are switching to e-cigs, read on to discover their benefits!


Keep your Hard Earned Cash

While the prices of an a electronic cigarette will vary depending on your choice of brand, using BLACKHAWX electronic cigarettes is significantly cheaper than smoking regular cigarettes, due to the longevity of our cartridges. A single BLACKHAWX e-cig cartridge will last the average vaper between 250 and 300 puffs (working off the math of 10 X 2 second puffs), which works out to be approximately the same as an entire pack of regular cigarettes. A regular pack of cigarettes will cost around $16 (with tax increases occurring every year), while a 5 pack of BLACKHAWX cartridges, which is the equivalent of 5 packs of normal cigarettes costs just $19.95.


Ditch the ‘Smokers Smell’

One of the most simple, but greatest things about electronic cigarettes is that they do not omit a smelly odour like that produced by regular cigarettes. You’ll no longer have to be worried about stepping into a board meeting surrounded by the lingering smell of your lunchtime cigarette.


You can Vape where you can’t Smoke!

Every smoker knows the feeling of that craving for a cigarette, only to be surrounded by places that prohibit smoking. However with vaping you can legally vape where smoking is prohibited as electronic cigarettes are not governed by the same laws as tobacco products. You should however, always check with the management of the location as common courtesy.

Along with the aforementioned benefits associated with making the switch to electronic cigarettes, there are also a number of lifestyle changes reported from reformed smokers (due to the lack of chemicals found in e-cigs, in comparison to those found in regular cigarettes), with many vapers reporting that they are now able to breathe easier after making the switch.


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