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Lifetime Cost of Disposable E-Cigarettes vs Starter Kits with Cartridges

For those who are considering switching to vaping, choosing the right type of electronic cigarette can be a confusing process. Often it comes down to the choice between disposable vs. rechargeable e-cigs with each having their pros and cons. Here’s a few points to consider before making your decision.

If you’re considering making the switch to vaping, it’s important to look at the long term costs involved with both disposable e-cigs and those available as a starter kit with cartridges. While disposable e-cigs may initially seem like the way to go but you’ll soon discover that you’ll be handing over significantly more money as the months go by.

BLACKHAWX electronic cigarettes are available in a Starter Kit that retails for $89.95 and includes a stylish case, everything you need to recharge your new e-cigs and 5 bonus cartridges. A single BLACKHAWX cartridge is equivalent to approximately the same amount of cigarettes found in 1 traditional pack. Once you’ve purchased your Starter Kit and have fallen in love with the BLACKHAWX range, replacement cartridge packs of 5 are available for purchase for just $19.95, making the cost of each cartridge only $3.99.

Another great benefit of choosing a replaceable cartridge style electronic cigarette is the availability of having spare cartridges on hand, rather than finishing your disposable electronic cigarette only to discover that you have to order another online and wait for it to be shipped to you. When we designed our BLACKHAWX rechargeable case, we allowed extra room to carry your spare cartridges and even a spare battery, while still producing a sleek and slim line design that’s easy to carry.

Whether you’re a social vaper or enjoy your electronic cigarettes regularly, you’ll find that the lifetime cost of a disposable e-cigarette significantly exceeds that of a BLACKHAWX Starter Kit with cartridges.