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Using Electronic Cigarettes in Public Places


Knowing when and where it’s appropriate to whip out your BLACKHAWX e-cig in confined public places is a delicate subject. For those who are unfamiliar with the vast differences between e-cigarette vapour and tobacco smoke, watching someone at the next table blowing vape clouds can be quite shocking and, understandably, make them very uncomfortable. With that being said, using electronic cigarettes indoors is still currently legal at the time of writing this post (June 2014) and with a bit of common sense, you can still enjoy your BLACKHAWX e-cigarette in many places that smokers can’t light up. Here’s some tips to keep in mind when vaping indoors;


Knowledge is a Powerful thing

Whilst you may understand what an electronic cigarette is, how it works and why vaping around others shouldn’t be cause for concern, many others won’t. Electronic cigarettes have been around for more than 10 years now, yet they are still quite a new product on the Australian market and the majority of the general public probably won’t have encountered them before. Therefore, you should take a minute to explain to those around you exactly how your BLACKHAWX e-cig works and stress differences between vapour and smoke before you start vaping in their vicinity. More often than not, people will love the concept and won’t have a problem with you using your e-cig around them.


Don’t Leave Your Manners at Home

If you’re in a public place such as a bar or café, it’s a good idea to ask the staff politely if they’re ok with you vaping in their establishment before you start puffing away. By making it clear that you’re not blowing toxic cigarette smoke everywhere, you’ll find most places will let you vape away to your heart’s content and if any other customers raise concerns with a staff member, they’ll be able to do the explaining for you!


Office Vaping

Switching to vaping is fantastic for increasing productivity at your office job as you’ll no longer be ducking outside every hour or so to suck down some tar. However, if you’ve got non-smoking colleagues within close range, it’s a good idea to give them a run-down on the harmless nature of e-cig vapour. To make things easier, simply email them a link to our FAQ page!


Unlike some other cheaper e-cigarettes which mimic the colours of a tobacco cigarette, BLACKHAWX features a sleek black on black design which will go a long way to reducing any confusion those around you may have. However, If you encounter anyone who maintains reservations about you vaping around them indoors, the polite thing to do is find a less crowded space to enjoy your BLACKHAWX.