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Leading Scientists Back Electronic Cigarettes


A group of 53 leading scientists, including representatives from Australia, have written to the World Health Organisation urging them not to classify e-cigarettes as tobacco products but rather recognise them for what they truly are;

… among the most significant health innovations of the 21st century with the potential to save hundreds of millions of lives.

This is in response to indications from the WHO that they will favour restricting e-cigs through their Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, forcing member countries (including Australia) to adopt drastic measures such as high taxes, banning advertising, and restricting use in public places.

This is a great step in the right direction for the e-cigarette industry however the fight has only just begun with the deep pockets of the pharmaceutical industry continuing to muddy the waters surrounding the debate.

Just weeks after this group of scientists reached out to the WHO, another group of 129 scientists, lead by Prof Stanton Glantz, felt compelled to write a letter of their own expressing their heavily-flawed concerns about the dangers of e-cigarettes. Vaping advocate, Dr Kinstantinos Farsalinos has pulled apart Glantz's argument in a strong rebuttal which we would urge everyone to read for themselves by clicking here.

When you consider that the worldwide nicotine replacement therapy industry (gums, patches, mouthsprays etc.) is worth in excess of US$2.4 billion in yearly sales, it’s little wonder that there are people out there trying to discredit such a massive threat to the industry.

Until e-cigarettes are regulated and freely available in Australia, you can continue to buy ecigarettes online with BLACKHAWX.