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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Cheap Electronic Cigarettes

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Cheap Electronic Cigarettes

The technology in electronic cigarettes is highly technical, and like any advanced product, you can expect to pay a premium. You’ll be able to find online retailers offering e-cigs and cartridges at low prices, but these retailers are sacrificing quality. BLACKHAWX believes it’s important to look beyond cheap electronic cigarette prices and focus on quality.

The authorities have not set any guidelines or requirements in place for the manufacture of electronic cigarettes and cartridges. Every time you vape, you’re putting a lot of faith in the manufacturer and their commitment to health, safety and quality.

The only way to produce the same product for a cheaper price is to drop the quality. What are you sacrificing when you buy cheap e-cigs? The battery life? The component longevity? The e-liquid purity? It might not be evident at first, but you’re losing out somewhere with an inferior product.

Cheap electronic cigarettes do not produce consistent vapor. Testing by the US Food and Drug Administration has found that cartridges from the same brand produced highly varied levels of nicotine – ranging from 26.8 to 42.3 micrograms per 100mL. A premium product is the only way to ensure consistent vapor.

Some e-cig brands will tempt you with extremely cheap starter packs or discounts on the battery component and charging case. They’ll then sting you with ridiculous mark-ups on their custom cartridges. You’ll pay less in the long run if you invest in an e-cig brand that provides cartridge refills at a reasonable price.

It’s always easier to trust a brand that puts their e-cigs where their mouth is. All of the BLACKHAWX team are regular BLACKHAWX vapers. We pay the premium price for BLACKHAWX electronic cigarettes because we know that quality is far more important than price.