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Are you a Stealth Vaper?

Are you a Stealth Vaper?

If you’ve ever vaped in public, you’ll know that this is an activity that demands attention. Some people are amazed by the technology and want to know more about how it works. A few people will be wary of the vapour, unaware that is it odour and particle free.

Because the public isn’t fully aware of this great new technology, many vapers have developed crafty tactics to get vapour hits without drawing attention to themselves. At BLACKHAWX, we call these users ‘stealth vapers’ and applaud their ninja-like ability to vape anywhere, anytime, without anyone catching on.

Here are some of the best stealth vaping moves we’ve seen – do they sound familiar?

In Plain Sight

If you don’t want anyone to notice that you’re vaping, hang out in the smoker’s section. No one will give a second thought to your e-cig or vapour there. The only giveaway is that you won’t stink of tobacco.

Hidden Wand

Because the e-cig does not get hot, it’s easy to use sleight of hand to keep it hidden. Some stealth vapers use their thumbs to hold the e-cig against their palm. We’ve seen talented vapers who can hide theirs behind a single finger. To the untrained eye, you’ll just be stifling a yawn or scratching your top lip. Only other vapers will know what you’re really up to.

Nothing as it Seems

BLACKHAWX e-cigs are only one of a number of designs available. Some other brands cater to stealth vapers by providing e-cigs disguised as other everyday items – pens, flash drives, mobile phones and MP3 players are common disguises. It might mask your vaping, but we think it looks pretty odd to keep sucking on your phone or flash drive.

Of course, the other option is to vape loud and proud, out where everyone can see you. It’s what we do at BLACKHAWX. We vape in public to help raise awareness of vaping and e-cigarettes, and to make sure the public has a better understanding of this revolutionary new technology.