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BLACKHAWX is more than just a multi-national company with fast distribution capabilities – We are a passionate group of pioneers with the sole aim of changing the world.

We figured that if you’re going to change the world, why not do it with style? Here at BLACKHAWX we truly believe in the positive impact switching to vaping can have on a smoker’s lifestyle so we’re pushing the envelope to create an image around our brand which our customers will be proud to identify with and consequently share with those around them.

When you purchase your BLACKHAWX Electronic Cigarette, you’re joining the resistance - a global movement that refuses to let the powers that be condemn us to a world without a choice. Right now, our freedom to vape is being debated despite a wealth of scientific evidence that suggests vaping is a much safer option that smoking tobacco cigarettes. Yet, deadly tobacco cigarettes continue to be sold in every corner store.

We need your help in fulfilling our mission of bringing vaping into mainstream culture. All we ask is that you try our product and see for yourself the difference switching to vaping can have on your lifestyle…

It’s all about knowing who you are, what you want and not being afraid to go after it. 

We have invested heavily in our search to bring you the highest quality products and are committed to the mission at hand. 

Welcome aboard…