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BLACKHAWX e cigarette vapour does not contain carbon monoxide, tar or thousands of other toxic chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes. The hazardous effects that smoking tobacco has on the body have been proven to diminish quality of life and even shorten life expectancy, as can been seen through years of internationally developed research.

Our Electronic Cigarettes contain just four ingredients, for those choosing the nicotine free variety, and only five ingredients for those products containing nicotine. The chemicals found in traditional smoke exceed 4000 and, make no mistake, these are deadly; including Hydrogen Cyanide which is one of the main components in Gas Chamber Poison – pretty scary stuff.

With ecigs there is no ignition, no ash, nor burning and the vapour dissipates in seconds, preserving the air quality for those around you. While the advantages of switching to electronic cigarettes for health reasons are quite clear, there are also an endless number of facts that support the claim that electronic cigarettes are simply safer in general. In one calendar year alone, an average of 4,500 house fires are started in Australia by unextinguished cigarettes. As mentioned previously, BLACKHAWX have no burning element, which means there is no source for a fire, helping to make the family home a safer place.

BLACKHAWX makes no claims of being a quit smoking device (as we’re not allowed to) but we strongly encourage you to try our products so you can make up your own mind.


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