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There’s nothing more disappointing that purchasing something online only for it to break within a week of arriving in the post.

That’s why here at BLACKHAWX, we’ll be happy to replace your product if by some chance something should go wrong within the first 3 months.

Unfortunately, we can’t replace your product if you’ve dropped it, got it wet or caused any other damage yourself, but if the product fails through no fault of your own – we’ve got you covered.

Before contacting us with your warranty claim, let’s try and trouble shoot some of the problems you may be having:

  1. The e-cig battery won’t charge – First, you should ensure that your BLACKHAWX charging case is charged up. You can check this by pushing the little power button on the side of the unit and the 3 blue led lights will indicate how much charge is remaining. If your charging case is fully charged and your ecig battery won’t begin charging, try repositioning the battery within the charging case by spinning it around a little, quite often this is all you’ll need to do to find the charging point.
  1. A new cartridge won’t work – Sometimes, although rarely, the atomizer within a cartridge may not be touching the e-liquid within the tip of the cartridge. To fix this, try firmly tapping the tip of the cartridge on a hard surface. If this still doesn’t work, please let us know and we’ll look after you.

At BLACKHAWX, we understand just how important our customers like yourself are in helping us to grow this new technology within Australia. So please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us on if you have any issues or concerns with your BLACKHAWX product and we’ll do our best to resolve the situation as soon as possible. 

Please refer to our terms and conditions page for more details about our returns policy.


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