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At this stage, BLACKHAWX only sells the battery components and charger cases as part of the starter kit. This was an intentional strategy when we were developing product lines and distribution strategies. BLACKHAWX have a lot of faith in the quality and longevity of our battery components and charger cases – we fully expected that our customers would only ever need to purchase them once.

However, we have had feedback from some customers that they would benefit from the option of purchasing individual battery components or charger cases. For example, some have advised that a backup charger case would be convenient on long trips in remote areas. We’ve also had customers who have misplaced their battery components. In these situations, it makes sense to be able to purchase pieces individually.

We’re investigating options with our manufacturing and distribution partners, and hope to have a range of individual battery components and charger cases available to purchase from the BLACKHAWX online store soon. Watch this space.

BLACKHAWX does appreciate that there can be exceptional issues even when the highest quality manufacturing methods are employed. If you do experience a problem with a battery component or charger case, email us on or use the form on our contact us page and we'll help you out.  

What can you expect in return? We are committed to providing only the best user experience for our customers, so we’ll work with you on any trouble shooting steps, and if need be, will get a replacement to you as soon as possible. It’s that simple.