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As there is no smoke, BLACKHAWX can technically be used in locations which ban the use of tobacco cigarettes. You should however, always check with the location before using your BLACKHAWX e-cigarette as a courtesy to others.

The rules and regulations regarding the use of electronic cigarettes varies from state to state and country to country, so if you’re planning on travelling always remember to check before you vape, to avoid any fines or miscommunication with authorities or owners of private establishments.

As we mentioned previously, they do not contain tobacco, they do not produce any smoke, nor do they have a flame. This makes them virtually harmless to the people that surround you, which is generally the reason for the instigation of smoking laws around the world. The vapour produced by electronic cigarettes (the element of the product that mimics real smoke) dissipates in a matter of seconds, so wherever you choose to vape you will not be surrounded by a cloud of toxic smoke.

One of the main reasons for establishments disallowing the use of electronic cigarettes is purely lack of knowledge. As the awareness of what electronic cigarettes actually are and how they work increases, it is likely that more and more establishments will allow the use of e-cigs on their premises. Because BLACKHAWX replicate traditional cigarettes so well, you may find that people will firstly be offended when you vape, as they’ll just assume you’re smoking. Making those around you aware that you are in fact vaping, is likely to change their prospective on the whole matter.

Like we said before, the best thing to do is simply to check with the location and people around you before you use your BLACKHAWX – a small amount of courtesy goes a long way.


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