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BLACKHAWX is not marketed as, nor intended to be an aid to reducing dependence on tobacco cigarettes. Our electronic cigarettes are to be considered a smarter alternative to traditional cigarettes for those who wish to continue enjoying the recreational use of nicotine.

While we do not promote BLACKHAWX as a ‘quit smoking aid’ there are a number of health and lifestyle benefits for people who vape, in comparison to those who smoke. Smokers are often excluded from group environments when those surrounding them are non-smokers, due in large part to the health hazards of inhaling secondary smoke. People who are exposed to secondary smoke are at risk of developing cancer and other life threatening illnesses. Smokers can expose themselves to more than 4000 deadly chemicals, most of which can shorten ones expected life span greatly.

Many smokers have made the switch to vaping in more recent years, including a number of celebrities who are well known advocates of the product. While we do not market BLACKHAWX electronic cigarettes as a way to quit smoking, many vapers have personally made the change because of the similarity in flavours combined with the probable health benefits of vaping vs. smoking.

While it is difficult to give a definitive answer as to the life span of a smoker vs. a non-smoker, studies have shown that a 30 year old smoker is likely to live another 35 years to reach an age of 65, while a 30 year old non-smoker is expected to live a significant 53 years longer to reach an average age of 83.

If you are a current smoker, we strongly encourage you to try our electronic cigarettes to make your own decision as to the long term benefits of vaping vs. smoking. Check out our electronic cigarette starter kits to get started.


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