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Vaping provides a very similar sensation to smoking, and the taste of our Classic Tobacco cartridges is somewhat similar to a regular tobacco cigarette.

Imagine everything you enjoy about the taste of a tobacco cigarette, then subtract all the stuff you hate - like the bitter aftertaste which leaves you searching for a breath mint - and you’ll have a pretty close idea as to what a BLACKHAWX electronic cigarette tastes like.

One of the best things about BLACKHAWX electronic cigarettes, from a reformed smoker’s point of view, is that the vapour produced by the e-cig replicates the smoke produced by a regular cigarette so well, giving you the illusion of smoking – minus the some 4000 chemicals that are found in traditional cigarettes of course. This sensation, combined with the similar taste of real tobacco, creates the perception of smoking, without encompassing the added risks associated with traditional cigarettes, so you can still have the same great taste, without the health hazards.

If you’re a traditionalist and are looking to stick to Classic Tobacco, you can be sure that you’ll appreciate the same taste of regular cigarettes, without the smelly breath and bad aftertaste. Endless hours of research have gone into creating a brand of electronic cigarettes that provide our customers with a taste they’ll love.


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