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We’ve designed BLACKHAWX e-cigarettes to be the simplest way to experience a quality vape. There’s no cleaning or maintenance required to keep your e-cig in top vaping condition.

As a BLACKHAWX vaper, there are only two things you need to do to have access to high quality vapor anywhere, anytime.

Firstly, you’ve got to keep your batteries charged, which is easy with BLACKHAWX’s stylish charging case. The case itself easily recharges via a USB connection.

Secondly, you have to replace your e-liquid cartridges when they run out. This is simple – just unscrew the cartridge from the battery component and throw it away. The new cartridge screws in in its place. It’s worth keeping your backup cartridges in your charging case – there’s nothing worse than running out and knowing your spares are back at home.

Some e-cig brands allow their users to refill the cartridges. We investigated this option, but found there was little additional benefit. You’ve got to keep the e-liquid canister clean, which requires additional products and cleaning solutions. Refilling an e-liquid canister on the go is also tricky, and will generally raise a few eyebrows. We much prefer our simple cartridge system.

With refillable e-cigs, the vaper also has to carry around a container of e-liquid. We’ve heard plenty of horror stories of e-liquid that has leaked into handbags, pockets and suitcases. You want to vape your e-liquid, not dry-clean it from your clothes. There is no possibility of e-liquid in leaking from our cartridges – they’re sealed tight until they attached to the battery component.

Stay charged, carry a spare cartridge, and you’ll have hassle free vaping with BLACKHAWX.