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Here's some of the nice things our existing customers have had to say about BLACKHAWX.

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“I received my BLACKHAWX order within 3 days of placing my order and it’s awesome! I definitely will be recommending your product to my mates!” - Matt, Brisbane.


“Your staff were very patient and helpful in answering my questions and my package arrived quite fast. Great product 10/10” - Tara, Sydney.


“I Purchased BLACKHAWX 2 weeks ago, the logo's cool, packaging is awesome! When I received the package, I felt like I was unboxing a mobile phone lol, and most of all the product is again awesome. I've been a smoker for 15 years, and I haven't purchased a normal cigg ever since.” – Yi W., Brisbane.


“I was a menthol smoker and made the switch to vaping. The disposable menthol flavoured cigarettes I've tried in the past just tasted like incredibly strong mouthwash, but this flavour of Blackhawx is true to menthol cigarettes - absolutely love it!” – Tara, Sydney.


“I was surprised at how quickly my package arrived! I absolutely love BLACKHAWX e-cigs and I’m addicted to the coffee flavour! So yummy and have already recommend your product to my friends!” – Kimmy, Brisbane.


“My wife introduced me to electronic cigarettes and I can’t get enough of my new BLACKHAWX. I was actually shocked when I received my parcel in 3 days and I’ve told all my friends where they can get theirs!” – Daniel, Melbourne.