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BLACKHAWX Electronic Cigarettes

BLACKHAWX electronic cigarettes are a revolutionary new technology that allow current smokers the freedom to choose a smarter alternative.

With a BLACKHAWX e-cigarette there is no burning, no ash and no lingering bad smells.  

This new experience, commonly known as ‘vaping’, replaces the deadly smoke of tobacco cigarettes with clean, odourless vapour.

Now is the time for you to join the millions of e-cig users around the world who have made the switch.

It’s time to reclaim what’s yours… 

Benefits of E-cigarettes

Vaping is widely regarded as being significantly safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes, as the vapour produced is free from thousands of toxic chemicals found in tobacco smoke. Vaping is also more economical than traditional cigarettes, with one cartridge being equivalent to a whole packet of cigarettes. Finally, the vapour produced by our electronic cigarettes has no discernable smell and quickly dissipates to preserve the air quality for those around you. Got any more questions? Check out our FAQ page.


BLACKHAWX is a premium electronic cigarette brand and all of our products are manufactured in a dedicated GMP standard facility with a strong focus on quality and safety. Our electronic cigarette is not only one of the hottest looking products on the market, it’s also one of the best performing. Finally, all BLACKHAWX orders are shipped via express airfreight. Ready to order? Check out our Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit.

Latest Testimonials 

“I received my BLACKHAWX order within 3 days of placing my order and it’s awesome! I definitely will be recommending your product to my mates!” - Matt, Brisbane.

“Your staff were very patient and helpful in answering my questions and my package arrived quite fast. Great product 10/10” - Tara, Sydney

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