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The BLACKHAWX electronic cigarette is made up of two components – a rechargeable battery & a disposable cartridge containing e-liquid.

When you inhale on the cartridge, the battery provides power to a small atomizer which vaporises the e-liquid contained within. The atomizer works by heating the e-liquid to a point where it is converted into vapour however the vapour itself is not noticeably hot and the body of the BLACKHAWX e-cig remains cool to the touch. 

When the battery supply is exhausted, the light on the tip will flash repeatedly, telling you that it’s time to recharge the battery component in your PCC (personal charging case). The BLACKHAWX Personal Charging Case (starter kit) holds a charge of its own, meaning you can recharge your e cig battery on the go. You can charge the PCC via USB or wall power supply (Australian 3 pin adapter only) which is supplied with your starter kit. To check the power remaining, simply press the button on the side of the PCC and the three small LED lights will indicate the current level of charge available. If these LED's do not light up, it's indicating that your BLACKHAWX PCC needs to be charged. 

When the e-liquid supply within the cartridge is running low, you’ll notice a reduction in the amount of vapour being produced and a slightly different taste, meaning it’s time to replace the cartridge. Our cartridges are available in 4 flavours, Classic Tobacco, Menthol, Strawberry & Coffee and 3 nicotine strengths - Zero, Mild & Strong.


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