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A single BLACKHAWX cartridge will last somewhere between 250-300 puffs, which is equivalent to a whole pack of traditional tobacco cigarettes, depending on the user.

But what does this really mean for vapers? In a nutshell, this basically means fantastic value for money – something that we’re all looking for in today’s ever-changing economy. Tobacco taxes are increased every year, even multiple times per year in some cases, meaning the price of traditional cigarettes is always one the rise. In 2013 alone, smokers in Australia were hit with $5.3 billion in additional taxes, in a bid by the government to cut smoking rates. To put this into perspective for smokers who are on the fence about making the switch to vaping, over the next 3 years the price of a packet of cigarettes is likely to rise by an incredible $5.25 per packet. The bottom line is, the longer your cartridge lasts, the more money you’ll be saving.

BLACKHAWX cartridges are available in packs of 5 (this is applicable to all flavours and nicotine strengths offered). With flavours on offer including classic tobacco, coffee, strawberry and menthol ecigs.

The average pack of 20 cigarettes will cost a consumer $8-$15. A five pack of BLACKHAWX electronic cigarette cartridges will cost just $19.95, indicating the vapers get approximately 100-125 “cigarettes” out of each cartridge pack, whilst traditional smokers are paying an average of $16 for just 20-25 cigarettes.

While the lasting value of a BLACKHAWX electronic cigarette is great for monetary value, it also provides a convenient solution to traditional smoking. With one cartridge lasting the equivalent of a whole packet of cigarettes, you’ll only need to head out with your compact and sleek BLACKHAWX case for a night on the town, as it provides a slim design which holds a total of 3 cartridges.

The information provided is purely for indicative purposes and actual performance will vary depending on usage.


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