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The BLACKHAWX e cigarette starter kit is one of the most innovative and stylish products available on the market, but it’s much more than just a pretty face…

Advanced technology within the e cigarette battery component provides excellent vapour production and long lasting performance to give you the ultimate vaping experience.

Charging is a breeze, as we’ve removed the need to screw your e cig battery into the PCC (personal charging case) – you simply slot the e cig battery into the PCC, close the lid and with one touch your e cig will begin charging.

The BLACKHAWX electronic cigarette starter kit contains everything you’ll need to begin vaping:

  • Stylish personal charging case.
  • Two high performance e cig battery components.
  • Wall/ USB charger.
  • Five zero strength nicotine cartridges to get you started.
  • Instruction manual. 

Once you've added your BLACKHAWX starter kit to your shopping cart, check out the range of strengths and flavours we have available in our cartridges.