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Yes, vaping is odourless, but that doesn’t mean it’s bland and flavourless. At BLACKHAWX, we infuse our e-liquid with a variety of intense and exciting flavours to drastically improve your vaping experience. BLACKHAWX currently has the four following delicious flavours on offer.


Classic Tobacco

BLACKHAWX Classic Tobacco e-cig cartridges simulate the flavour of traditional cigarettes. This is by far our most popular flavour, especially among our customers who are using vaping as an alternative to traditional smoking. The Classic Tobacco vapor has the rich, full flavour of tobacco, without any of the nasty chemicals associated with the burning of tobacco leaves.



BLACKHAWX Menthol e-cig cartridges have the same subtle mint flavour as your favourite menthol cigarettes. Each vape will carry that cool, icy menthol blast to trigger the cold-sensitive nerves in your mouth, throat and lungs. This is the freshest vaping experience out there.



Coffee might just be the only flavour that’s richer, more complicated and more textured than tobacco. BLACKHAWX Coffee e-cig cartridges allow you to unwind with a vape infused with the rich undertones of a delicious long black.



BLACKHAWX Strawberry e-cig cartridges demonstrate the extent of exciting flavours that can be incorporated into e-liquid. With our Strawberry cartridges, you’ll get a deliciously sweet taste of strawberry with every vape. It’s such a refreshing, delicious experience – we don’t think any vaper’s kit is complete without a few of these cartridges.

We’re always testing new flavour mixes and expect to expand our flavour range even further in the near future. Drop us a message if there’s a particular flavour you’re really chasing – it might just be one of the newest ones we’re formulating with our manufacturers.