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The e-liquid contained within BLACKHAWX cartridges consists of a precise mixture of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, distilled water and flavouring.

Unlike traditional cigarettes, we know what is in each and every Electronic Cigarette that BLACKHAWX produces. As listed, the core ingredients for all of our e-cig products are propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, distilled water and, of course, flavouring. 

Traditional cigarettes contain more than 4000 harmful chemicals – and that’s just the ones we know about. Unlike people who vape, smokers leave themselves and the people around them open to inhaling dangerous chemicals that include, but are not limited to, acetone, ammonia, arsenic, benzene, nitrogen oxide, formaldehyde and, of course, tar.

Propylene Glycol, a main ingredient in BLACKHAWX electronic cigarettes, is found in common consumer goods such as toothpaste & ice cream and is widely recognised as being non-toxic.

Vegetable Glycerine, another ingredient in BLACKHAWX, is generally derived from plant oils and is a common ingredient in many herbal pharmaceutical products, considered as 99% pure by industry professionals.

The important thing to remember is that BLACKHAWX electronic cigarettes do not contain any tobacco products. While we offer tobacco flavoured cartridges that replicate the taste of traditional cigarettes, you are not exposed to thousands of toxic chemicals found in tobacco smoke.  


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