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Propylene glycol is one of the five ingredients BLACKHAWX uses in its e-liquid. It’s a natural compound, an alcohol produced by fermentation of yeast and carbohydrates. Propylene glycol is odourless, tasteless, and included in everything from food to pharmaceuticals to cosmetics.

Propylene glycol is used as a stabilising agent in a wide number of products. It keeps ingredients together and stops them from evaporating. It’s in ice-cream, as it stops the water from forming ice crystals independent of the other ingredients. It’s used in cake and pastry icing, as it helps the icing stick together without drying out. It serves much the same function in a wide variety of pharmaceutical creams, tablets and injections.

Propylene glycol is also excellent at generating vapour, which is why BLACKHAWX includes it in its e-liquid formula. Propylene glycol is a syrupy liquid at room temperature, but it quickly turns to vapour when heated or shaken.

Because of its ability to produce vapour, propylene glycol is often used in cosmetics, particularly perfumes and colognes that need to be dispersed via a spray. It’s also the major ingredient in smoke machines and is used by fire fighters to simulate smoke in training exercises.

Propylene glycol is a safe substance. The US Food and Drug Administration and the World Health Organisation recognises propylene glycol in its food and pharmaceutical grade as being safe for human consumption.

Detractors will say propylene glycol is unsafe as it’s an ingredient in brake fluid, paint and antifreeze. That’s misinformation. As with many substances, there are food grade and industrial grade formulations of propylene glycol. These detractors fail to make this distinction, and tar all formulations with the same brush. Yes, there’s a form of propylene glycol in brake fluid, paint and antifreeze, but that’s not the same formulation as the substance BLACKHAWX and many other food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic manufacturers use.