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Vaping is rapidly building in popularity, but as with anything new, there is a little confusion around the key terminologies and tools. A lot of consumers we talk to are uncertain of the differences between electronic cigarettes, like those that BLACKHAWX offers, and nicotine vaporizers.

Vaporizers and e-cigs are both portable devices that allow you to inhale nicotine vapor that has been enhanced with a variety of delicious flavours. Although they serve the same function, there are several key difference between the two products. Read on to discover what they are.

How the Vapour is Produced

Vaporizers and e-cigs generate vapor by heating e-liquid, a mix of nicotine, propylene glycol and flavour additives. As there is no burning of the nicotine, both e-cigs and vaporizers allow you to get a hit of nicotine without thousands of harmful chemicals that are released when you light up a traditional cigarette.

E-cigs and vaporizers do differ in how vapor is generated. An e-cig directly heats the e-liquid, while vaporizers pass heated air through it. You’re unlikely to notice a difference though – both methods produce quality vapour.

Powering Up

E-cigs and vaporizers rely on inbuilt batteries, so they’re both portable solutions. E-cigs are often better for long days out, as the e-cig can be easily recharged in its small, portable personal charging case.


As a user, you’ll notice the main difference between the products when it comes time to replace the e-liquid. The e-liquid in e-cigs is premixed and contained in e-cig cartridges connected to the battery powered atomizer. The vaper replaces the whole cartridge once the e-liquid is exhausted, and disposes of the old one. Comparatively, a vaporizer has an inbuilt e-liquid canister for the vaper to refill. This provides opportunities for customisation of the e-liquid mix; however, this mix is more time-intensive to create and you need to be careful with the raw materials. Vaporizer users will tell you that refilling on the go is no easy task.

Which is More Socially Acceptable?

If you’re a public vaper, you’ll quickly find out that the general public is more accepting of e-cigs. This may be because the e-cig system more obviously echoes the traditional cigarette that the general public is used to. Vaporizers on the other hand look a little foreign – you can often see the e-liquid in the canister – which can worry or frighten the uneducated masses. We imagine this will change as vaping continues to increase in popularity, but right now e-cig users are going to raise fewer eyebrows in public.