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BLACKHAWX uses vegetable glycerin as one of the major ingredients in our e-liquid, along with propylene glycol. Like propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine is an organic compound that is clear and odourless. It’s extracted from vegetable oils, and is simply a mixture of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

There are no doubts or concerns about the safety of vegetable glycerin. It’s one of the most benign organic compounds out there. Your body is extremely capable of metabolising vegetable glycerin. When you inhale vegetable glycerine, it is processed similar to oxygen and results in an exhalation of carbon dioxide and water. It’s undergone numerous tests, and has been completely cleared of causing any form of allergy, malformation or mutation.

Given its safe nature, you’ll find vegetable glycerin in a number of food products. It has a natural sweet flavour and absorbs moisture from the air, making it a perfect additive for cakes, pastries and icings that are best when sweet and slightly moist. It’s a perfect sugar substitute, and a favourite among dentists as it does not feed the bacteria that cause tooth decay.

A number of cosmetics use vegetable glycerin, particularly moisturisers and lotions. It helps draws moisture from the lower layers to the top layers of the skin, reducing irritation and relieving dry skin problems. Glycerin-based soap is popular with people with sensitive skin. On a pharmaceutical level, it’s helpful for treating psoriasis, rashes, burns, bedsores and cuts. It has a natural soothing element and is a common ingredient in many cough mixtures.

BLACKHAWX uses vegetable glycerin in the e-liquid as it works well with the propylene glycol to produce thick, pillowy, delicious clouds of vapour. It also helps bond the nicotine and flavourings to the vapour particles, so you’re not just inhaling the odourless, flavourless combination of vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol.