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You’ve caught the vaping bug, but now need to keep your electronic cigarette stash well stocked. If you’re wondering where to buy electronic cigarettes, there are only a few options available but the best one is right here at

Buy in Person

You can buy some of the hardware and the nicotine-free cartridges from traditional smoke and cigar stores, or even at a select few convenience stores. It’s worth putting in a call before making the trip – not everyone is up to date with the latest in vaping and associated technology. There are also a small number of specialized electronic cigarette stores popping up in the major urban areas.

Buy online

The best solution for vapers is to shop online. Through an international company like BLACKHAWX, an  customer is permitted to purchase up to three months’ worth of nicotine products.

Through the online store, BLACKHAWX can supply you with the full range of vaping products – nicotine cartridges, nicotine-free cartridges, charging cases and battery components – all conveniently drop shipped straight to your door from our factory.

Quality online electronic cigarette retailers understand that you need your product quickly and without fuss. BLACKHAWX offers flat rate, fast postage that will have your order to you usually within 3 to 5 business days.