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Some e-cigarette manufacturers build their product to resemble traditional cigarettes. They wrap their e-cigs in paper and colour them yellow and cream. They pay homage to big tobacco and its values. And they seem to think that vapers should too. These companies seem to think the vaper is interested in replicating old habits and simulating past actions.

BLACKHAWX doesn’t feel the need to pay tribute to the past. Our brand, our product and our outlook are all about the future. We stand for something more than replicating or replacing the act of smoking. BLACKHAWX believes that vaping is a forward thinking practice for future-minded individuals, and we want to separate it from a regressive act that is steeped in bad experiences, bad health and bad outcomes.

That’s why we don’t wrap our e-cigs in paper or colour our cartridges so they recall filters. BLACKHAWX e-cigs are sleek and black, and our e-cigs and recharge cases feature LED highlights. They’re unlike anything you’ve seen before. BLACKHAWX e-cigs look like something from the future because that’s what we see in them. We don’t want people to think of traditional smoking habits – we want them to think of what’s coming next.

BLACKHAWX is changing the way people smoke by providing an option that is completely different in its outlook, experience and outcomes. When you vape with BLACKHAWX, you are showing the world that you’re part of the change – a change that the world needed to have.